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SJITF is an exclusive journal for undergraduate students covering trade, finance, economics, and management across the financial markets spectrum. Each bi-monthly issue offers a unique opportunity for potential authors to express their thoughts, opinions as well as research findings and strategies they develop.


Guidelines for Contributors to Smyrna Journal of International Trade and Finance

  1. Manuscripts and all editorial correspondence should be addressed to Editor in Chief, Smyrna Journal of International Trade and Finance, İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi, Sakarya Caddesi No: 156, 35330, Balçova, İzmir

    to submit your article via email.

    The journal E-mail Address is:

  2. All articles should be typed on one side of the paper (preferably A4) and double-spaced throughout (not only the text but also displayed quotations, notes, references and all other matter). Manuscripts should be accompanied by a CD-ROM in MS Word format and identical in every respect to the hard copy.
  3. The title page should carry the title, name(s) of author(s), and institutional affiliation for each author. It should also carry the full postal and e-mail address (es) of the contributor (s). In case of co-authored articles, indicate to which author correspondence should be addressed.
  4. An abstract of not more than 100 words should follow the title page. The article itself should begin on a separate page with the title.
  5. Notes should be numbered serially and presented at the end of the article. Notes must contain more than a mere reference. They should be referred to in the text by numerical superscripts.
  6. Single quotes throughout. Double quote marks used within single quotes. Spellings of words in quotations should not be changed. Quotations of 45 words or more should be separated from the text and indented with one space with a line space above and below.
  7. Distinguish between figures (diagrams) and tables (statistical material) and number them in separate sequences. Each table/figure should have a brief but descriptive title. All table/figures should be as self-explanatory as possible, incorporating any necessary descriptive material in a note at the base of the table.
  8. Except for very short mathematical equations, all others should be displayed on a separate line and centred. Equations must be numbered consecutively on the right margin, using Arabic numerals in parentheses.
  9. A consolidated alphabetical list of all books, articles, essays and theses referred to (including any referred to in the tables, figures, graphs and maps) should be provided. It should be typed in double-spacing and will be printed at the end of the article. All articles, books and theses should be listed in alphabetical order of author, giving the author’s surname first followed by the first name. If more than one publication by the same author is listed, the items should be given in chronological order. References should be embedded in text in the anthropological style, for example: ‘(Sarkar 1987: 145)’. Citations should be first alphabetical and then chronological, for example, ‘(Ahmed 1987; Sarkar 1987; Wignaraja 1960)’. If there are two publications of the same year for the same author, the reference in the text should be: ‘Alexander (1960a, 1960b)’ and the two publications should be dated accordingly in the references.The detailed style of referencing is as follows:


a) Books:

Hirschman, A.O (1961), Strategy of Economic Development. New Haven: Yale University Press

b) Edited Volumes:

Shand, Ric (ed.). (1999), Economic Liberalization in South Asia. Delhi: Macmillan

c) Articles from Edited Volumes:

Lakshman, W.D. (1989), ‘ Lineages of Dependent Development: From State Control to the Open Economy in Sri Lanka’, in Ponna Wignaraja and Akmal Hussain (eds), The Challenge in South Asia: Development, Democracy and Regional Cooperation, pp. 105-63. New Delhi: Sage.

d) Articles in Journals:

Rao, M.G., K.P. Kalirajan and R.T Shand (!999), ‘Convergence of Income across Indian States: A Divergent View’, Economic and Political Weekly, 34 (13): 769-78.


Sabdee, H. (1995), ‘Innovations in Production’, unpublished Ph.D. thesis. Amsterdam: Free University.

Please use the following style for book reviews:

Ric Shand (ed.), Economic Liberalization in South Asia. Delhi: Macmillan, 1999, 536pp., Rs 550.